An innovative sampling scheme for resubmitted lots by attributes

2017-08-14 管理员

题名:An innovative sampling scheme for resubmitted lots by attributes

作者:Jyun-You Chiang;Jianping Zhu;Tzong-Ru Tsai;Y. L. Lio;Nan Jiang

摘要:Govindaraju and Ganesalingam (Govindaraju and Ganesalingam in Commun Stat-Simul Comput 26(3)1163–1176, 1997 ) proposed a single-sampling plan for resubmitted lots, referred as resubmitted single-sampling plan (RSSP). This study introduces an innovative sampling scheme for refining the performance of RSSP, and we denote the new resubmitted single-sampling plan by NRSSP. The NRSSP incorporates all information in the sequence of the numbers of defective products from testing all resubmitted lots to make lot acceptance decision. Moreover, a sufficient condition such that three competitive optimisation procedures reach identical resampling plan is determined. Compared with the RSSP, the NRSSP is more powerful to reach a lot acceptance decision. The NRSSPs are established for three real examples to minimise the average sampling number function and a total cost function and to meet the specific risks of producer and consumer, respectively. Moreover, the performance of the NRSSP is compared with the repetitive-sampling plan and double-sampling plan.

关键词:Average outgoing quality;Acceptance sampling plan;Average sample number;Consumer’s risk;Lot resubmission;Producer’s risk

刊名:The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology